Fire Bird Soars

I hadn’t tracked the Kirtland’s Warbler book for a month. I was teaching camp and working on the newspaper. But I did get to do a Children’s Book Festival where it sailed off the table.

And I’m happy to say it’s out there flying. Here are some reviews:

Children’s Literature – Nancy Garhan Attebury

A Kirtland’s Warbler listens to the song of his relatives, “Chip-chip-chip-way-o.” It is a lilting song that fills the forest where he lives as soon as he is born. …This book does an excellent job of introducing youngsters to the Kirtland’s Warbler and the act of migration. Lovely illustrations enhance the fine text and make the warbler seem to come alive.


The Post-Journal    [Jamestown, NY] — Scott Shalaway

May 6, 2017

“Fire Bird: The Kirtland’s Warbler Story” by Amy Hansen (2017, $18.95, Arbutus Press) explains how fire is essential to the life cycle of this endangered species that nests in young jack pine forests in north central Michigan and winters in the Bahamas.

I read “Fire Bird” to my 5-year old grandson just a few days ago. He sat quietly engrossed for the entire 32 pages, so it passed the “kid test.” And he loved the colorful artwork by Janet Oliver that illustrates the story.

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