Michigan Book Tour Starts May 20

I get to go to Charlevoix and Traverse City to let people know about this wonderful new book. I start at the Zonta Club of Charlevoix (home of my parents and my brother and sister-in-law). Here is their event!http://www.zonta15.org/CharSpecial_Events.html … Continue reading

Fire Bird

My new book arrived yesterday. This is the story of the Kirtland’s Warbler, a tiny bird that lives near fire most of the time. I love the complexity of this story. The warbler lives underneath jack pines. The jacks have … Continue reading

Bugs and Bugsicles

Bugs and Bugsicles cover

Bugs and Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter By Amy S. Hansen Illustrated by Robert C. Kray Ages 4-12 32 pages Boyds Mills Press, Feb 2010 ISBN: 978-1590782699 Hardcover ISBN: 978-1590787632 Paperback non-fiction picture book Hard cover list: $17.95 Paperback list … Continue reading

Off the Grid

Off the Grid A family of four tries to use only the electricity they can produce themselves for a whole month. By Amy S. Hansen, November 11, 2008 Copyright ©2008 Culture11 It’s 9 a.m., and I’m standing next to our … Continue reading

Other Article Links

I was also  staff writer and editor of Frontiers, the publication of the National Science Foundation. Here is an article from when they went online A Small Plant’s Genome Has Huge Impact   And here is an archive of the … Continue reading

Plays and Short Stories

Christmas Cards Christmas Cards” was written by Amy S. Hansen and the children of Greenbelt Community Church and first presented in 2005. I worked with the children to develop the ideas of character and dramatic conflict and then used their … Continue reading

Bugsicles brings schools together!

In 2011, 2012, and 2013 Bugs and Bugsicles was the focus of two all-school book grants, and a county-wide grade-level read. The idea is to have all the students read the same book and then do age-appropriate writing projects. I’m honored that Bugsicles is part … Continue reading

Maryland State Archives

Writing and Research: I’m spending a lot of time here—the Maryland State Archives. Sometimes it is hard to stop researching and start writing. What kind of stuff do you like to research? … Continue reading

Touch the Earth went Digital!

Here’s what NASA says: NASA’s “Touch the Earth” takes a multimedia approach to teach middle school students about the Earth’s biomes — areas on Earth with similar climate, soil and vegetation — using sound and visual aids, tactile and colored … Continue reading

Powering Our World

Six books explaining energy sources for third grade and up. (Rosen, 2010) School Library Journal Gr 2-4–Though they cover similar material, the text in this attractive series is shorter and simpler than that in ABDO’s “Future Energy,” making it accessible … Continue reading

How Things Work

How Things Work

Pull the tab, open the flap, learn how your stuff — your fridge, your DVD player and lots of other stuff — work. (Publications International, 2006) Ever wonder what happens inside your DVD player, or your refrigerator?  Well, come on, … Continue reading

Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth — go ahead, touch it. The tactile maps are there so you can find the stripe of boreal forest in the north and gauge the size of the African Sahara Desert. Now listen to descriptions of the biomes … Continue reading

My Science Library for preK-2

Floating Sinking

Six books exploring matter and thermodynamics for preK-2 (Rourke, 2010) Grades prek-1 What Is It Made Of? Children’s Literature review: “Young students will explore what everyday objects are made of in this colorful and engaging book. Materials of cloth, metal, … Continue reading

Early Science Mysteries

How Do We Stay On Earth? and Where Does the Sun Go At Night? (Capstone, 2012) These first graphics answer basic questions about our world and solar system. preK- 3. Using a question and answer format, the books are all non-fiction, … Continue reading

Wild Animals

Explore the lives of Wild Animals and their habitats. How do they build houses? Change for the seasons? Find food? Includes activities that children can relate to. Age level: 4-up Published in 2007 ISBN: 1412715938 ISBN-13: 9781412715935 Reviews at Barnes and … Continue reading

KidSource Science Experiments

“A welcome change from run-of-the-mill science fair books” Basic science and advanced science experiments tested with the help of Maryland middle school students. Each chapter addresses a different discipline of science. Also included are interviews with scientists in the field. … Continue reading

Reading A-Z books

Hubble: An Out-of-this-World Telescope What do images of distant galaxies tell us about our future, our past and the fate of the universe? (2009)   Hermit Crabs Follow the lives of the fun crabs as they move along the beach, … Continue reading

Earth Explorer

A CD-Rom based, environmental encyclopedia with hundreds of articles, games, data sets, and movies. It came out in 1996, and won a Parents’ Choice Award. I was a staff editor and writer. Review: CD-Rom Today Earth Explorer: The Multimedia Encyclopedia … Continue reading